Audiobooks now available on Google Play Store


Audiobooks in Google Play Store: No need of monthly subscription

Google Play Store is the one-stop-shop of Android smartphones for apps, games,music, movies and e-books. Well, here’s a good news for you bookworms! You may now download audiobooks without any monthly subscription. Rumors have been spreading around since November 2017 that they’re already working on it. But now, you may head directly to Play Store and get your favorite audiobooks and start listening to it.

Audiobooks will be offered together with e-books in the Google Play Books. And you may access it using your Android, web and even iOS! Isn’t it great right? Also, a good thing about it, if you have a Google Home or any smart speaker powered by Google Assistant, you can just say “Ok Google, read my book” to start listening right away.

Though it took too long for Google to offer this, it seems like a new progress. Google Play Book’s head of product management Greg Hartrell said, “We know people want to read more and audiobooks are becoming an increasingly popular way to incorporate books into our lives. Play Books has also been around for a long time, offering over 5 million ebooks in 75 countries, and interest in audiobooks is on the rise, along with audio content generally. But most importantly our users are asking for them.”

In celebration of this, Google is offering a lot of titles for $10 or less. And not just that, they’re giving you a 50% discount on your very first purchase. Here are some of the discounted books: Fire & Fury, The Girl on the Train, 1984, and Ready Player One.

Unlike the Audible, Google Play doesn’t require you to have a monthly subscription in order to buy and listen to audiobooks. This is a great opportunity to people who are on a tight budget but wanted to try it out.

Audiobooks are now available to 45 countries and nine languages on the Play Store.