Epic Games has revealed on Tuesday about some of the player stats that can be described by as impressive. Some of the biggest names in Battle Royale in Xbox One and PC, PS4 were FORTNITE and PUBG.


Both Fortnite and PUBG have started 2018 despite the growing supremacy among the Battle Royale gamers on both Xbox One and PS4.


Fortnite Map Update


The company has recalled that it won the Game Awards in December last year. It was also the same company that it was able to hit a huge milestone that is P30 million, please


Fast forward, the company publicly announced that Fortnite had breached already the 40 million players across the globe. It can be recalled that during the past weekend, Fortnite has reportedly been focusing on the 2 million followers.


Meanwhile, Daniel Willia, Lead Systems Designer for Fortnite, said: “We’re really excited to announce we’re at more than 40 million players. It’s incredible. ”



“Having only launched Battle Royale in September and then to see that we’re the top played the game on Xbox One, for example, and hear people saying that it might be the most popular battle royale game in the Western world is really amazing,” Willias said.