Year 2017 Most Searched Trend by Internet Users Revealed


With the year 2017 coming to an end, we usually make a list of the “trend” which happened the most during the whole year. Google unveils the most “searched” things on the internet for this year.

Year 2017 Trends

The most searched topic on the internet is the iPhone X. It’s the newest iOS addition to Apple’s collection of cellphones. Supporting a 5.8-inch Super Retina screen, it can fill your hand and dazzle your eyes. It also supports face ID because of it’s camera and sensor.

iPhone X

Next is about Bitcoin. It’s been the talk of the year because people say that you can make thousands or even millions of money through buying and selling bitcoins. It is said to be a new kind of money. It’s cryptocurrency and worldwide payment system. People are interested to try this one in the hope of having more income.

Third on the list is — “how to lose belly fat”. Okay, I admit. I’ve been searching for this as well. There are so many ways to lose those unwanted fats. But for me, they’re too hard (sadly!) and those activities which are easy are not proven effective.

The next one is a great woman — Gal Gadot. Wonderwoman made it on the list of most searched topic for this year. She is really pretty and a great actress as well. No wonder boys (and even girls) are appreciating her.

New trends are in every year. Keep visiting the site!