Fans of Amazon Prime Video have something to cheer about. Why? Because they can expect a new app that will be finally rolling out to Appleā€™s tvOS devices. The Amazon Prime Video app will be available in various countries like U. K, Canada, U.S and other regions across Europe.

Apple CEO Tim Cook has earlier announced this year the partnership of an online retail store Amazon and the Cupertino-based Apple Inc. The official launch was not immediately implemented because of several reasons the company did not disclose.

Cook, during his usual keynote speech at WWDC, has confirmed that a major app will be rolled out in Apple TV.

“Amazon is coming to the TV app in all Apple TVs later this year with Amazon Prime Video,” Cook said. Rumors about the app started circulating last May which is about Amazon’s video-streaming service finally landing on Apple’s TV ecosystem.

According to a report, Macrumors said that Amazon Prime Video app had been updated to iOS app version 5.0. An accompanying release notes of the app tells the subscribers that they can download a separate tvOS app for the Apple TV to watch videos using Prime Video Content.

Also, the updated Amazon Prime Video now supports a Universal Search. The app will be available on a third-generation Apple TVs, and 4K Apple TV.s

Amazon Prime Video can be downloaded or through a pre-app store third-generation Apple TVs as well as fourth-gen and 4K Apple TVs, according to the release notes.

However, tech experts warn that Amazon Prime Video app will not be showing up to all users. Amazon did further explain what’s the reason why the app won’t be showing to all users.

What do you think is the move of Amazon to tap Apple?