It’s been a routine that Samsung releases new phone models every year. In 2017, they released their Galaxy S8 and S8+ which are great phones by the way. Next year, despite being called “rumors”, the company (for sure) is going to release their Samsung S9.

Many users might be wondering — with great phones already released, what else can Samsung offer?

Samsung S9

According to the latest leaks, the phone is said to be released on February or March 2018. That’s just a few months from now.

The price might be $720 or more. Yes, it’s going to be an expensive one.

For the screen, there are whispers that the newest Samsung addition is going to have an in-screen fingerprint scanner. It might also have a water-repellent coating. But again, these are just rumors and are not yet confirmed by the company.

It also has the possibility of having the same screen size like the Galaxy S8 which is 5.8 inches.

As for the battery size, it is leaked to have a bigger and more efficient battery than its predecessor.

We can expect that the camera is going to be superb. Why? Because Samsung’s past phone models have great camera.

For gamer peeps who are vouching for a 6GB RAM, we think this is not possible. The company might just stick to its 4GB RAM even for their high-end phones. But let’s just hope that they’ll consider the additional RAM.

It is also rumored that this will be Samsung’s foldable phone but we still have to wait a few months for us to find out.