Risky Samsung Galaxy S9

Samsung Galaxy S9 Announced For February Release

A Bloomberg report surfaced on Tuesday disclosed that Samsung is planning to unveil a new phone on March. Earlier on, rumors in Korea indicate that Samsung will release Samsung Galaxy 9 in late February during the MWC 2018.


The news has sparked excitement from avid Samsung mobile users. Many of the are expecting that the company will unveil Samsung Galaxy 9 in January to counter Apple’s iPhone X. But Bloomberg’s recent report corroborates the aforesaid information.


However, Bloomberg has noted that the popular Galaxy S9’s planned release is still subject for changes. It was also learned that Galaxy 9 will not only have similar features but also equipped with upgraded cameras.


Also, in terms of Samsung’s upcoming flagship’s design, some of Galaxy 9’s earlier leak shows that it will have similar design features with that of Galaxy 8. Basically, Samsung wants Galaxy 9 to  be similar with Galaxy 8 because it wants to improve the user’s experience.


Samsung Galaxy S9 specs


What we know so far is that the upcoming Galaxy S9 will be powered with Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor. Rumors have it that the phone will launch with a maximum of 512 GB of random access memory. This is  closely related to an earlier report that suggests that Galaxy S9 will have a 512 GB flash modules.



And here’s the catch: the Galaxy S9 will be equipped with a fingerprint sensor to improve the phone’s  level of security. The fingerprint sensor will be installed at the back part of the phone and not under the screen which is common to Samsung’s rival phones.



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