If you are a fan of live-streamed trivia game, then this news is for you. HQ Trivia has announced that Android-users can now pre-register to the popular online trivia game. By doing so, Android users will be able to get a notification that they can download the HQ Trivia app.

HQ announces pre-registeration schedule for Android users


And in case you don’t know, both Rus Yusupov and Colin Kroll developed the the popular HQ Trivia app. They also developed the Vine app. With this development, HQ had already opened the pre-registration since December 24.


HQ has reportedly marketed the HQ Trivia to be available on Android platform this yuletide season. However, HQ apparently said that it did not intend to market the HQ Trivia app that way. It can be recalled that earlier this December, the company tweeted: “a nice little stocking stuffer coming your way,” specifically for Android smartphones.


Meanwhile, HQ hosts a live game on weekdays commencing 6 pm PT and every weekday at 12 pm PT. If you are a player, it simply asks you a 12 multiple-choice question.


Now, if a player answers all the questions correctly, he or she will be able to win or split a pre-determined amount of money. HQ has already increased the prize of the game from a minimum of $1, 000 to $2, 000, respectively.


Another news is that HQ’s parent company, Intermedia Labs is planning to raise a huge amount of money between $15 million and $20 million at a post-money valuation up to $100 million.