There are several brands of smartphones competing for the top choice of consumers. Some popular competing smartphone brands are Samsung and Apple. But unknown to many, Google’s smartphone, the Google Pixel 2 has a lot of features at par with leading smartphone brands in the market.

What are the Google Pixel 2 specs, feature?

Google launched Google Pixel 2 back in November this year. Mobile users lauded Pixel 2 because of its ergonomics. This means that Pixel 2’s 5-inch touchscreen display is comfortable, to begin with. The phone comes with a resolution of 1080 pixels by 1920 pixels, OLED, Gorilla Glass diagonal screen is fantastic.

Aside from this, Pixel 2 has a fingerprint scanner in the back which can be used easily by mobile users. Regarding the camera, it offers a powerful 12.2 megapixels back camera and 8 megapixels on the front. Both cameras perform excellently, especially in low lights.

What’s amazing with Pixel 2’s camera is Google’s Pixel Visual Core which is the company’s dedicated camera-image processor. Pixel Visual Core, according to some mobile users, has improved the quality of photos. Using the camera-image sensor, it gives each photo an HDR+ treatment. This helps the photo achieve a better image and color quality.

So far, mobile photographers viewed the Pixel Visual Core as the Pixel 2’s killer feature.

Meanwhile, other Android smartphones are getting a slow update and fixes, Pixel 2 actually gets the most recent mobile OS update and fixes to maintain the phones optimum performance. Pixel 2 is powered by Android 8.0 with 2700mAh non-removable battery.