Search engine giant Google has taken a new level to fight fake news in Google News. The proliferation of fake news across the web has caused public uproar. In fact, fake news has caused people to mislead people from reading the rubbish information.

To fight the spread of fake news, Google is now taking a new measure. The Alphabet-owned company is planning to block websites that masked their country of origin. These fake websites are showing up on Google News.

Hence, the tech giant has updated their guidelines to fight the proliferation of fake news. With Google’s updated policy, web or content creators must obediently follow the content guidelines on Google News.

What’s with Google’s new policy?

Among other things that content creators must abide is that websites must be transparent. This means that websites included in Google News must not misrepresent, misstate or conceal information. This includes the primary purpose, ownership, or any activities of the websites that may mislead users.

Also, Google’s new updated policy include websites that masked their country of origin or are directed at users from another country under the false platform.

Tech analyst claims that Google’s updated policy is expected to create a small impact. They particularly lauded the move of Google to target websites that mask their country of origin.

By doing so, Google is slowly fighting the proliferation of fake news. This is not the first time that a tech company has been dragged in the fake news issue. Social media site like Facebook was dragged on the issue, saying it amplifies the spread of fake news.

The issue of fake news surfaced during this year’s campaign election. The public is blaming the spread of fake news that helped catapulted Trump into power. For some, Google’s move is not surprising since the company’s search engine works as the primary source of news on the internet.