Google Assistant: The Newest Smartphone Companion for Android

Google Assistant

Let’s welcome the newest member of the family of smartphone assistants: The Google Assistant.

Android users may now have the convenience of having their own assistant in their smartphones. Google is proud to introduce an additional feature which is the Google Assistant.

Apple has Siri and Amazon has Alexa. Now, android phones have this. It recognizes voice commands so it’s going to be a big help if you’re multi-tasking.

The feature is now available on a number of smartphones. Restricted to only Marshmallow and Nougat users, the app can only be used by a small percent of Android users since most of them are supporting Android Lollipop.

Google Android has the ability to set reminders, create a shopping list, give alerts on maps, ask about the weather, and numerous other things. The Google Assistant can also search for pictures in the Google Photos apps and can understand language as well.

This is a great addition to a phone’s feature because it makes mobile activities easier and more convenient.