Diffuser Technologies for a More Natural Home


These days you can’t surf the net or social media without happening upon some mention of diffusers and essential oils. There is a reason behind this fad though. Essential oils have been found to be beneficial for a host of discomforts. From skin blemishes and stress to weight loss, head tension, and more, essential oils are great in not only freshening the air, but benefitting general health. The list of uses is endless and fascinating.

The Diffusers

Diffusers are necessary if you want to reap the benefits of these oils as many of them, when applied directly to the skin, can cause problems for those with sensitive skin. In addition to the beneficial properties of essential oils dispensed by diffusers, the aromas provided by a diffuser and diluted with water also purify and freshen the air in your home. Some models also humidify the air in your home, which can be very helpful,especially in the winter.

Artificial air fresheners, on the other hand, are rife with toxins that can increase risks of various health issues.

Available diffusers come in a variety of shapes and styles, from basic to highly decorative, and inexpensive to pretty pricey. Some use electricity to release the oil’s aroma, while some use reeds. Following is an overview of some of the best models out there.

Urpower 300ml Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser

This one gets great reviews. Customers love that it holds three times the capacity of other models, while the price is a fraction of similar diffusers. It will run for seven to eight hours and can be set to light up in seven different colors, but this feature can be turned off if desired. It shuts off automatically when it gets low on water and produces a wider spread of mist than others. Amazon.com offers this one for $21.99.

Urpower Essential Oil Diffuser 120ml Aromatherapy Diffuser

This is another good choice. It’s very much like the previous model but it doesn’t hold as much water so it won’t run as long. It doesn’t have as strong a mist either, but it’s still more than adequate. It only runs about three hours, but it can be set to run thirty seconds on and thirty seconds off. On this setting, it will run about six hours. It also offers different light settings and is available at Amazon for $18.99.

You can also make your own diffuser if you prefer. Treehugger.com gives instructions on making your own reed type diffuser, using any attractive container, bamboo skewers, diffuser reeds, alcohol, water, and your choice of essential oil plus a carrier oil.

Always be sure to use quality 100% essential oils in your diffuser to avoid clogging it and otherwise compromising its performance.