Best Stocking Stuffer Book: CyreneQ’s 11 Seconds To Success


If you had over 200,000 followers on Snapchat, earning $500,000 annually, and paid $30,000 per sponsored story, would you share branding secrets like CyreneQ has? Probably not! Cyrene Quiamco, better known as CyreneQ wrote a “tell-all” book-cum workshop manual, 11 Seconds to Success that zoomed to number one on Amazon in its category when it launched its print and Kindle version. It is the perfect stocking stuffer for a social media enthusiast or a clueless e-entrepreneur who needs a push.

What you’ll learn from this book:
• How to harness your personal creativity and apply it to the real world
• What Cyreneq really means in her motto “No excuses for starving artists!”
• How to “do what you love and the money will follow.
• Up your social media IQ and your earning quotient, too!

The next time your mind wanders and you start doodling ideas on paper instead of being in the mindful present, might be your prelude to fame. Cyrene Quiamco, prior to becoming one of the leading influencers on Snapchat, was already a multi-awarded graphic artist and web designer. Initially, Snapchat was just a way to perk-up boring moments on the job. Snapchat’s disappearing content was something you either loved or hate, but obviously, CyreneQ embraced it and was challenged by its fleeting nature.

Since joining Snapchat, Cyrene (who goes by “CyreneQ” across most social media) has amassed a following for her whimsical art. Thing is, she graduated Magna Cum Laude and was on art scholarships for both traditional art and multimedia – which makes her a natural when creating celebrity portraits, collages of Disney characters, interactive snaps, and games. But don’t let being a newbie discourage you; the 11 Seconds to Success book and videos on Snapchat art with its myriad of possibilities will fast-track you into the world of brand marketing, in a snap!

In the book, Cyrene shows how she engages her community with her highly imaginative and appealing art, quizzes, games, polls, and questions. The ultimate storyteller, she transforms a series of short-lived snaps into a conversation. She’s also the force behind The, a blog and community for Snapchat artists to share their work off the platform. Since she wrote the book, has made the jump from being an endorser to brand consultant, spokesperson, and short film organizer.

As she puts it, “I’ve always been an artist ever since elementary school, but I didn’t really know how to apply that to the real world.” How she applied her artistry and originality to the modern world of social media is a fantastic story of 21st-century success that will have readers dusting off their dreams with a new resolve to make it WORK. CyreneQ reminds us all of the power of our own imagination. Unleash that, work it, and nothing can stop you!

11 Seconds to Success, a book-cum workshop-manual is available on Amazon. 
Grab your paperback edition for $11.52 and Kindle version for $6.99.