Facebook to use Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is a big help to various stuffs nowadays. Now, Facebook is going to use it to help the visually impaired.

Photos, videos, status —these are the feast in one’s Facebook News Feed.

Artificial Intelligence

The company wants blind people to experience the joy as well. They will use AI to help them. An audio message will be heard by blind people which describes a photo.

Artificial intelligence is the secret sauce behind making a project like this possible. It can do everything from translate languages, understand human speech and identify diseases.

This is definitely a big help when it comes to people’s enjoyment.

This is one way of helping blind people or the visually impaired people to enjoy the perks of social media sites.

An artificial intelligence engineer at Facebook, is leading the project to identify what is happening in photos and read them out loud for the blind.

In order to do this, Facebook’s algorithm should be taught to identify what it’s seeing.

But this is not like the AI which can be found in cars. You won’t die if the AI will fail or have flaws. But it will mislead people. This is why a very serious management of this particular AI is important.