Apple has finally released its latest flagship, the Apple iPhone X. The company’s new smartphone bragged a new feature—the facial recognition technology.

According to Apple, iPhone X’s Face ID is touted to be the device most advanced functionality. Tech analysts claim the face ID is touted to be Apple’s most advanced feature to date.

With Apple iPhone X’s game changing feature, the device is expected to be sold at a hefty price for $1, 000.

Apple named the smartphone as Apple iPhone X because it is the company’s flagship device for its 10th anniversary.

iPhone X’s face ID features a more secured technology compared to alphanumeric passwords or fingerprint sensor. It can be recalled that iPhone 5s features both the password or fingerprint sensor technology back in 2013.

How does face ID works?

Apple users can actually unlock their smartphones when they will hold it in front of their faces. Face ID works by scanning the face and it determines how similar both faces are.

Professor Anil Jain of Michigan State University said that face ID works similar to Touch ID, where in users enrol their faces and allow the technology to compare two face images.

Furthermore, the face ID has a so-called the “TrueDepth” camera system. It is a system that utilises a combination of light projectors and sensors to collect facial features.

Apple said both technologies working together to create a detailed depth map” of a user’s face instantly.

Is iPhone X’s face ID a failure?

With iPhone X’s popularity, this begs the question if the face ID is a really success or not? Case in point is when a tech site tried to put the iPhone X into a test. Two pairs of identical twins tried to unlock an iPhone X using a Face ID. The result, however, was unexpected because the phone unlocked for a wrong twin.

Reports also said that Face ID poorly works in some extreme lighting conditions like when it is so bright.

Despite the reported glitch on these experiments, Apple’s Senior Vice-President for Worldwide Marketing Phil Schiller said that Face ID is Apple’s most secure security platform so far.