Amazon Fire TV users can now enjoy browsing the internet on the big screen. This is after the company debut its very own browser called Silk browser. Amazon’s new browser can now allow users to navigate the web.

Amazon’s move to develop its own browser came after Google announced this month that it would pull the YouTube app from both Amazon Fire TV and Mozilla browser. Obviously, the decision of Google to pull-out You Tube from Amazon platforms has affected the business models of both companies.

What you need to know about Silk browser?

This means that effective January 1, 2018, Google’s YouTube app will no longer be available on Amazon Fire TV and Echo Show. It is also on the same date that users can use the Silk browser to access the Google’s online video portal,

But when Amazon announced its newly-developed Silk browser, the online retail store did not mention anything about YouTube.

“World Wide Web including popular sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, Reddit, as well as local and international news sites, video sharing services, cloud photo sites, and other social news, sports, and entertainment content,” Amazon said as quoted saying in a report.

Also, tech website PCMag has asked Amazon about the issue related to Google’s YouTube. Responding to the question, the online retail store said that “the Firefox and Silk browsers can open any URL. Video sharing websites are one of the many places on the web that customers can access.”

Meanwhile, in a separate blogpost, Amazon said that users could browse other social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Yahoo using the Silk browser. Users can also browse other news websites, video sharing services, sports news, and cloud services, among others.

“Use your Alexa Voice Remote buttons to search, navigate pages, and play, pause, and fast-forward videos. You can also use the voice to text feature to quickly enter search terms, keywords, or websites,” Amazon said.