Phishing: Modern Technology Gives Modern Problems

Beware of Phishing Sites

We live in a world where computers, cellphones and other high-tech gadgets are part of our daily routine. Don’t deny it guys, we’re all in this together! We can say that these modern technologies make our life easier and more convenient. I mean, which would you choose? Hand-written letters which would take so long to reach your recipient or an e-mail which could reach people in just a few seconds? But is it all good — or do we some problems? The number one problem with modern technologies nowadays is Phishing.

What is Phishing?

Phishing is a way to “steal” valued information like passwords, pin codes, credit card numbers, among others. The people behind this fraudulent action use malicious links disguised as login window in order for the victim to put in their sensitive information. The word “phishing” is connected to “fishing” because hackers use the links as “bait” for their potential victims.

Beware of Phishing
Phishing Attack

What will happen if your sensitive information were compromised?

People who clicked a malicious link will have their information taken by the hackers. They can use those information to use your credit cards or get money from your bank accounts. They can also use your username and password to the social media site that they hacked from you to scam people.

How do we avoid becoming a victim?

It’s actually easy to avoid being a victim of this hideous scheme. First, you have to be very careful with the links that you click especially if it is sent by an anonymous person. If the person who sent the link is suspicious, block that person immediately.

We must be very careful with the things that we do today because even just one click can give us a whole bunch of problems.