In a world full of dirt and pollution, it is essential for us to be conscious towards our health. We need to check our heart rate, pulse rate, blood sugar and more other things. But we can’t just bring medical stuff around with us just to be sure, right? So this is where Apple comes in. FDA already cleared the Apple Watch Band. Want to know more? Let’s discuss this further.

Apple Watch Band and KardiaBand

Apple Watch Band

A private health company which is located at Mountview, California is behind this great invention. AliveCor is releasing the Apple Watch Band which has a built-in EKG sensor. EKG or electrocardiogram test is used by doctors to diagnose heart issues or problems.

Apple Watch Band is the first-ever medical accessory in a wearable which is approved and cleared by the Food and Drug Administration. It can tell you if there is something wrong with your heart. It can detect heart problems but of course, it’s not the same as going to the doctor.

Alongside with this is the KardiaBand which supports the Apple Watch to monitor your heart rate. This slides to any Apple Watch and uses its own small battery. It is said to last for two years.

Since people are giving more importance to time, this is a very useful gadget for those busy peeps. They can still go on with their busy lives while monitoring their heart to avoid problems.

Where can we buy this?

You can purchase this from Amazon or AliveCor’s website. It costs $200 and you don’t need any recommendation from a doctor.

How do we use this?

To take a reading, just place your fingers on the small metal contacts on the band for 30 seconds. This will take your real-time EKG and you may e-mail it to your doctor.

Prevention is better than cure. So as much as possible, take very good care of your health.