Considering an RC Car for your kid? You should know these 4 things

RC Car for Kids

Buying remote control cars for kids is one surefire way of pumping a lot of excitement into their lives. Every adult that has ever owned an RC Car has fond memories of playing with one. As a result of this, it is essential to make the right considerations before buying one for your kids or loved ones.

Things to consider when buying an RC Car for Kids


Regardless of how badly they want one or your desire to purchase one for them, their safety should always be of utmost importance. You need to consider the impact that the RC car will have on the kid’s safety before even looking at pictures of any potential buys.

Also, it is important to assess the age suitability of the RC Car you intend to get. How old are they? Are they old enough to understand how the car works or know its value? These are important questions to ask when considering whether to get an RC Car or not. A 2 or 3 years old child is most likely going to end up smashing the car on the floor and because of this, most manufacturers place an age restriction or recommendation of 5-7 years and above.

How much “Space” do you have?

Kids can be very imaginative when they play with RC toys so if your living area is not so spacious, you might want to reconsider getting them an RC Car; unless of course you can restrict its usage to outdoors only.

In order to get the best from kid rc cars, it’s important to have a lot of free play space to enable your kids simulate real driving scenarios and play out their adventurous imaginations.

What will it Cost

Depending on the style or model or even brand of RC Car you choose to buy, it could be very expensive.

Vigilantly look around for the most affordable options, especially in stores or outlets with relevant promotional offers related to kids RC cars.

Being out of pocket immediately after buying a remote control car for kids is not the wisest decision to make even though you love them to the moon and back. Before making that important purchase, it is important to assess the cost of the RC Car model you intend to buy and the impact it’ll have on your finances.

How much Battery Capacity do you need?

We have all experienced moments in our lives where you just need to get something important done and our phone chooses that moment to die on us. Well, imagine your kid playing in the park for only 20 minutes and then the battery goes out on their RC Car. That would be really heartbreaking for any kid. To prevent situations like this, it is strongly advised that you select the right battery type or capacity that suits your child’s current or expected activity levels. 5000mAh is usually the minimum capacity that is well above average.

SwellRC has compiled a good list of what kind of RC cars would work best for you.

Finally, when selecting the right RC Car, let it be a fun process and if possible, involve them in the selection process. Whatever you do, whichever option you select, it’ll definitely do wonders and bring so many positive changes to your kids’ lives. After all, who doesn’t love RC Cars?