Samsung had quite a dilemma on their hands after watching the Galaxy Note 7 explode quite literally in their consumers hands. Multiple reports of phones catching fire and/or exploding, plus the subsequent social media posts and videos about it made them recall every single one in an effort to find out what went wrong.

I’ve scoured the web and was able to find an article with the most accurate information on the reason why. It seems like 100% of the first batch of phones sold had a design flaw in the battery, which caused it to short-circuit and either explode or catch fire. The second batch of phones that went out used a battery from a different company that had a different problem. That problem was tied to a welding process that messed up the electrode connections and burned through the insulation, causing it to short-circuit and then explode.

Samsung made a video explaining what went wrong:


Does this mean Samsung is done for? If the next phone to come out is a dud, will they implode? Highly unlikely, but there is too much chatter going on in the tech world that many people are worried for the future of the company. I for one don’t foresee the doom and gloom that other outlets are reporting on, I think Samsung will come out of this just fine. Sure, there were some very serious manufacturing errors on the Galaxy Note 7, but I think they will batten down the hatches and make sure everything works. Same as any company would do.

What do you think? Is Samsung done for or can they come back even stronger? Did you get a Samsung Galaxy Note 7? Did it explode or were you able to return it before something bad happened? Let us know in the comments, thanks!