Goodbye Vine

I’m still getting over the shock of hearing the news that Vine will be discontinued. But it’s true. Twitter is shutting down Vine. Out of all the apps I have on my iPhone, this is one of a few I would check regularly to see what was new. This makes me sad. It should make you sad too.

From their announcement:

Nothing is happening to the apps, website or your Vines today. We value you, your Vines, and are going to do this the right way. You’ll be able to access and download your Vines. We’ll be keeping the website online because we think it’s important to still be able to watch all the incredible Vines that have been made. You will be notified before we make any changes to the app or website.

Thank you. Thank you. To all the creators out there — thank you for taking a chance on this app back in the day. To the many team members over the years who made this what it was — thank you for your contributions. And of course, thank you to all of those who came to watch and laugh every day.

In all honesty, what the heck is going on with you Twitter?? You’re suddenly now so focused on your stupid Periscope mobile livestream app that you figured slaughtering your cash cow would allow you to funnel more into a project that I deem no better then playing “catch up with the Joneses”? You do understand, right, that not everyone is fit nor ready for mobile livestreaming on the fly and that the only people you will attract to the platform are the “Internet Celebrities” that already have a following? You just gave us the option to watch and record longer version Vines and I loved it. I also enjoyed making my own Vines and direct messaging vines between friends. I didn’t switch over to the Instagram or Snapchat crowd when they got hyped up over sharing and posting videos because I thought that being loyal to an app I enjoyed would show the developers what I LIKED. I guess that didn’t mean much when you canned the rest of the co-founders in your layoffs. 🙁

Sorry, but I won’t be “switching over to Facebook Live” or Instagram for their stories. I’ll just go down with the ship. One that I was proud to be on and happy to use. Thank you to the founders of Vine for your vision and the effort you and the team put into making an app that I LOVED. Best of wishes in your future endeavors.