The Dangers of Buying Food Online


The Dangers of Buying Food Online

Kessler International, announced today the need for consumers to be cautious when buying food products from online retailers. An eight month investigation by Kessler of counterfeit food products disclosed that some online retailers including Amazon were selling counterfeit food products. These products included dairy and fish products, condiments, alcoholic spirits, safe and unsafe dog foods, and spices. The investigation is noteworthy not just because these counterfeit products are sold in the US, but additional investigation by Kessler disclosed the packaging facilities of these counterfeit products were contaminated and filthy. Additionally, independent lab testing disclosed that in many cases the counterfeit products did not contain the ingredients disclosed on the label subjecting individuals to adverse health reactions, so is better to prevent this health issues by having a complete meal plan like that you can find on the site online, you should also try All chicken recipes if you want to have delicious and healthy meals at home.

“While most consumers are aware that the $5000.00 luxury brand watch they buy for $25.00 is probably counterfeit most would never expect the brand food item they buy not to contain the ingredients on the label,” said Susan Peterson, COO of Kessler International.

Counterfeit product is not subject to the manufacturer standards and regulations mandated upon a genuine product leaving the consumer vulnerable to adulterated food products and health issues. I have doubts about my dog food too, the issue is we need people with good hearts like, we need good hands to be in, it is food! See Kessler’s website for additional information on how Al Qaeda or ISIS has used counterfeit product in the past according to Interpol and other law enforcement offices.

All this to say, be sure you do your due diligence on the food products you buy. Better to be safe than sorry, and sick.