5 Ways Websites Allow You to Streamline Your Life from a Computer


5 Ways Websites Allow You to Streamline Your Life from a Computer

On an average day, 83 percent of women spend 2.6 hours on household activities. Meanwhile, 65 percent of men did about 2.1 hours of similar activities, reports the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Regardless of how much time you spend on cleaning, cooking and on household chores, it’s time that could be spent doing something more enjoyable than cleaning out gutters. Now a days you can find almost any service online via web, of course for that every services needs a good website and design to offer this, they can outsource that with website design Perth by The Web Shop. There are ways to make your day-to-day easier, with options to outsource other kind of tasks completely. Here are five chores and tasks you can streamline today to free up more time in your schedule:

1. Meal and food delivery services

Planning, preparing and eating food consumes much of our day that could be spent with loved ones or finishing up work. Use a meal or food delivery service that can cut back on the time spent at the grocery store and in the kitchen. In larger cities like New York and San Francisco, Fresh Direct delivers right to your door and even sells prepared meals.

But even if you live in a small area, meal service is possible. Try a site like Plated.com to get pre-packaged ingredients shipped right to you. You make the meal fresh with the supplies that are already measured out and ready to go. It’s a fun and easy way to make new meals without the legwork of recipe planning and shopping at custom sign shop.

2. Household goods delivery

Groceries and food aren’t the only items that can be easily delivered to your door to streamline your life. Amazon’s subscription service can send out orders of paper towels, diapers, soda, toothbrushes, household cleaners and dozens of other non-perishable items at a discount. Best of all, once you set-up the order, it comes at the same time every month or in any duration you choose until you cancel.

3. Online Education

Everyone from homeschoolers to college students, or even those just looking to pick-up a new skill, can take online classes. Sites like Udemy.com offer courses on everything from learning website coding to learning a new language. OpenSesame works similarly to Udemy and offers classes on business writing to preparing yourself for court.

There are sites for just about anything you need to learn. Sites like Driving-Tests.org can save time for both kids and Mom and Dad. Teenagers can take online driving tests to prep for their exams without the need to hassle their parents to help study for their tests. By the time parents need to hit the open road with their teen for a practice drive, half the work has already been done.

4. Virtual Assistants

Outsourcing your office work to virtual assistants isn’t a new idea. But you can also outsource your tedious personal tasks with ease. Sites like Fancy Hands can help book travel, sit on the phone with customer service to weed through prompts and waiting times and research return policies. Use a site like TaskRabbit to hire someone to come assemble furniture, return an item to the store or take your junk to storage.

5. Transportation

Cars are quickly becoming optional in a world where Uber, Sidecar and Lyft can be instantly scheduled through a website or smartphone app. A driver appears at your door within minutes, ready to take you to work, the airport, grocery store or anywhere else you need to go. In some cities, you can schedule a car with a carseat or luxury vehicle for a fun night out or business meeting.

Now, regardless of whether you do these tasks or outsource them, that choice has become much easier to make. Thanks technology! Well… when you’re not dealing with the bugs that is.


  1. Have you heard of IFTTT.com? That’s another website that allows you to streamline your life even more so. For instance, you could keep track of that Amazon order if its on the way or has reached your house using IFTTT’s recipe.

  2. As a matter of fact, I have. I know the people there when they first started, had an account for a short time, and had nothing bad to say. They did their job well. 🙂

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