Upcoming Changes!


Upcoming Changes

After a brief visionary expedition, we’re back and excited to be bringing some upcoming changes to our website and the tech news world!

1. Vision

The NEW overall vision for TechNewsGadget is “to regularly provide you with amazing tech news that you A) won’t find anywhere else and B) demands virality.”

To break it down… I love finding nuggets of tech news that, after I read it, make me go ‘Wow’! I hate repeated and regurgitated bytes of news that’s thrown around in the aftermarket blender. So I’ll strive to find only the very best of these nuggets and share them with you. Because I know you will say the exact same thing.

I also want you to call us out if you don’t consider it awesome enough or if there is something more awesome that we should have reported on.

What do I mean by “virality”? I think the definition from Google sums it up nicely,

the tendency of an image, video, or piece of information to be circulated rapidly and widely from one Internet user to another; the quality or fact of being viral.

2. Community

Now when it comes to the community, all I need to do is check the stats and read the emails from untold hundreds of you who all love the unique content that is shared here. You guys are awesome, I want you to know that. Right now I’m debating some very serious ideals I’d like to see this community attain and how exactly we should go about that. I’ve turned off comments because I’m sick of spambots soaking through the site and drowning your voice out. I also don’t feel the default comment system adequately portrays you the way you want to be known and should be known.

I’ve considered a free membership that you could join for exclusive access to Member Only Forums, Chat, Commenting and more. I’ve also considered just switching over to social and letting you use your social network of choice to comment and interact with each other. But I haven’t decided on either because I’m missing your input and the fact that I may be overlooking something I don’t even know about. If you could leave your feedback here, I’d greatly appreciate it. All we need is your answer to that one question, you don’t even have to leave your name or email!

3. A New Category!

Finally, we’re super excited to announce that we will now be reporting on Gaming! Not only is it a multi-billion dollar industry, but there are so many amazing games and companies hard at work to make you feel awesome!

We want to highlight gaming in a way that’s never been done before. We want to take you behind the scenes to show you what actually goes into a game and how the team makes the impossible, possible.

These changes will probably stretch us a good bunch, but with your input I think we can see something awesome come from it!