Foxconn employees in Zhengzhou, China strike! iPhone 5 production briefly halted

iPhone 5 production halted due to employee protests

iPhone 5 production halted due to employee protests About 3,000 to 4,000 Foxconn employees in Zhengzhou China went on Strike over the weekend.

This according to China’s Labor Watch who oversees the rights of Chinese laborers working in the country.

Quality control inspectors and some other workers protested due to the demands that Apple’s latest iPhone 5 is incurring. The group said that Apple and Foxconn “raised strict quality demands on workers, including indentations standards of 0.02mm and demands related to scratches on frames and back covers” on their latest device.

When these demands weren’t met, quality control officers and workers often end up in an argument sometimes leading to physical altercation resulting to hospitalization to some individuals.

It may be remembered that a brawl occurred in a Foxconn plant in Taiyuan amongst the 2,000 workers last month. This riot ensued due to poor working conditions.

Apple has been targeted by critics for not looking at alleviating the standards at Foxconn plants.

Looking back at Zhengzhou protests, tensions were already smoldering after employees were not given time off during a national holiday last October 1.

Apple’s latest iPhone 5 has been very popular across all countries. Ever since Apple accepted online orders, figures have seem to rise. Currently, the company is working on filling in backlogs due to the astonishing amounts of orders from their customers and their consumers.

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