AT&T rolls out mobile security software for smartphones

AT&T Mobile Security for businesses

AT&T Mobile Security for businesses With our world now revolving and relying heavily on our mobile devices, individuals who prey on people’s stupidity and at the same time lackadaisical way to protect sensitive information from getting to the hands of these people are given an easy job to do so.

Well, AT&T is trying to protect their consumers by offering them a subscription-based app to protect their mobile devices against viruses and malware.

Dubbed as AT&T Mobile Security, it will be offered to businesses as of the moment. But AT&T is planning to roll it out to all their consumers next year.

Telecommunication companies have been trying to provide their consumers with other value added services. In fact AT&T recently launched a service that translates foreign language SMS messages to a language of your choice, this was achieved using texting software from

A number of anti-virus programs have been providing services, whether free or paid, to smartphone owners. Still, mobile devices, most especially those who run on Android, are still prone to being infected by malwares and viruses.

McAfee, a popular security software firm found out that there are about 4,500 new malwares specimens and about 13,000 malware samples, human resources software tools are very important when it comes to having success in business.

What’s your experience with your mobile security software and does it detect malwares?

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