Working in your private time may lead to burn out

Email after office hours may lead to unproductiveness

Email after office hours may lead to unproductiveness

Technology now enables humans to do work anywhere and anytime. Several years ago, emails could only be accessed through desktops or laptops. Now, with technology improving month after month, workplace activities can now be brought and done anywhere.

But is this healthy? Is it good for employers to constantly bombard their employees with emails even after work hours?

According to a Washington post article, a group is against accessing emails after work.

Some companies are wary about burnout and have advised their employees to cease accessing emails when their work is done.

Companies have been trying to separate work from personal life and have been telling their workforce not to do work once they are off the office. About 25% of companies have made rules regarding this practice and have strictly been implementing it.

This is because of employees might feel burnt out from work. This makes the employee feel tired and over-worked.

On a weekend, employees have the right to spend time with the family and enjoy it. Working on weekends might lead to a lackadaisical performance by employees the following week.

Is your employer the type that respects your privacy and time for yourself and your family? If not, how does it feel to work in an environment where work seems to be the only thing that revolves around you?