The Winklevoss twins are back!

Winklevoss The Social Network

Winklevoss The Social Network “The band is back together.”

This was what Tyler Winklevoss said during a lunch interview with the Wall Street Journal. Together with his brother Cameron and Divya Narendra, Tyler proclaimed that they are going at it once again after the three of them inked a deal to support SumZero which Narendra and a fellow Harvard alum Aalap Mahadevia founded.

If you watched the 2010 film “The Social Network” then these three might be familiar to you.

Narendra and the Winklevoss twins met during their college days to discuss a new way of connecting fellow Harvard students. The idea of Harvard Connection was born. The name changed to ConnectU which features Mark Zuckerberg as one of the site’s designers.

The following year, Zuckerberg founded Facebook and moved out of the group, thus the start of a long tedious legal battle which ended with Zuckerberg settling the dispute and paid the Winklevoss twins with $20 million in cold hard cash and $45 million of Facebook private stock.

Sum enables investors to be members only if they work on the “buy side”.

According to Narendra, “We’re offering the site as an alternative to sell-side research.”

Will this investment by the Winklevoss twins turn up to buy another gold mine?

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