Teens are the fastest in adopting smartphones

teens and their smartphones

teens and their smartphones Parents may have the power to purchase gadgets, but a study shows that American teens are the ones who dominate in adopting smartphones the fastest.

The Nielsen report also showed that yuppies or young urban professionals aged 25-34 are the age group saw a 15% increase since July 2011. 74% of this age group now own a smartphone.

According to Nielsen analyst Nichole Henderson, “Among most age groups smartphones represent the majority of US mobile subscribers, but American teens were the age group adopting smartphones the fastest. As teens increase in their share of smartphone owners, mobile carriers and manufacturers should consider how to market to this growing group.”

The report also added that, “Android handsets continue to lead the smartphone market, with both a majority of smartphone owners and recent acquirers.”

This may be due to the fact that recent smartphone releases are being powered by the Android operating system. It is good to note that Samsung Galaxy S III was released just a few months ago and may be one of the primary reasons why Android’s dominated.

With the impending release of the latest iPhone, this may change in a few months.

Will you buy an Android device over an iPhone?

Image Source: allvoices.com