Stream videos from your iPad to a TV with Airbridge

connect iPad with TV

connect iPad with TV Kickstarter has been a source of great and fabulous ideas lately. Though big companies are clearly dominating the tech market, this kickstart companies have injected a new life in this blossoming trade.

A Kickstarter company is trying to develop a new way of viewing your iPad videos or photos. Imagine being able to see what you see on your iPad in a TV? That would be a great way to surf and share your videos and photos, right?

Airbridge is a hardware that you can add-on to your Apple devices that enables you to stream whatever it is on your Apple device. You only need to plug the doggle to your iPad or iPhone and snap the base to your television set and the two devices will connect to each other automatically.

According to the Kickstarter’s start up page, “We want technology to play effortlessly well with other technology. We want it to act like a silent servant – reliable, durable and making lives easier and in a way that’s not frustrating, unnecessarily difficult or complicated to use.”

Airbrdige might be an excellent way to stream videos online. Instead of watching it on your iPad, here is a tool that will allow you view what you just downloaded on a television set without WiFi or cables.

Stream your videos easily then from now on!

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