Samsung to release Pink colored Galaxy S III

Galaxy S III colors

Galaxy S III colors

Samsung Galaxy S III has received a ton of fanfare ever since its debut a few months ago. Sales of the phone have been skyrocketing and people have been drooling over this wondrous device.

Millions have purchased this device dubbed as the “iPhone Killer” and a lot of them have been happy with what they got. Samsung said that they are going to release the Galaxy S III in multiple colors namely: Marble White, Sapphire Black, Amber Brown, Titanium Gray and Garnet Read.

Now, the South Korean tech giant is going to unveil a new look to their flagship device.

To be unveiled first in South Korea, the Pink Samsung Galaxy S III is going to join the ranks of the popular device.

Samsung originally launched the Galaxy S III in two colors. Now the color selection for the device has increased thus, making it easier for individuals to choose what would suit them perfectly.

According to Samsung, the pink Galaxy S III was “inspired by nature”. This is not the company’s first decision to have a pink gadget. Samsung has released a pink version of their Galaxy Note and Galaxy S II, but both pink devices have not reached the shores of United States.

The pink Samsung Galaxy S III is set to be released in the United States, but the company has failed to give a specific date as to when.

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