Samsung releases new video, making fun of iPhone 5

it doesn't take a genius

it doesn't take a genius Have you seen Samsung’s latest jab on the new iPhone 5?

The South Korean tech firm released a new video making fun of people waiting for what seems to be an Apple store to open.

The new video only lasts about 1 min and 30 seconds but in that short span of time, Samsung was able to convey their message.

Posted in YouTube, the video shows Apple fans talking about the new features of the iPhone 5, which Samsung thinks are not really that important or have been in their Samsung Galaxy S III.

For starters, the video shows that the GS III (which is the words used by those in line to call the Galaxy S III) has had the 4G connectivity, boasts of a larger screen larger than that of the iPhone 5, and the GS III’s NFC technology which shows one individual sending a playlist to another GS III user just by sticking their devices together much to the amazement of those in line.

The end of the video showed a GS III owner telling a friend who is waiting in line for iPhone 5 that he can multi-task with his GS III and watch videos while sending an email. Someone then says, “We’re gonna get that, for sure. Maybe not the this time, but the next time. Am I right?”

Watch the video!

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