Not all those in line want the iPhone 5

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Well, fans and other individuals have started to line up the alleys and side streets of Apple stores many days ago, leading to their doors.

Those other individuals were not there to buy an iPhone 5, instead they were there to stand in line for someone who wanted to buy an iPhone.

One such man was Charlie Hufnagel. He had been camping out on Apple’s downtown store in San Francisco since last Monday.

According to Hufnagel, an individual who wanted to be one of the first persons to have their hands on an iPhone 5 paid him $1,500 for the gig.

Hufnagel has also being sponsored by a company. TaskRabbit saw the opportunity and he has been supplying Hufnagel with company shirts and signs.

According to TaskRabbit spokesperson Johnny Brackett, “Every time Apple launches a product, all the Apple fanboys starts posting tasks so they get one on launch day, but the iPhone 5 has been leaps and bounds crazier than anything else.”

This Apple craze seems to be ridiculous to some. But there really are individuals willing to part with their hard earned cash just to be one of those who want to be the first to own the iPhone.

Did you notice today such cases that had to do with the craze of iPhone 5?

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