iVIC: use your Android phone for car entertainment!


iVIC navigation screen with Android smartphone integration If you already have an Android smartphone and need to find a way to enjoy your music and movie files while you are on road, then iVIC is what you need.

iVIC stands for in Vehicle Infotainment Center, it is compatible with Android smartphones and it fits almost all Toyota and Lexus vehicles between 2006 and 2012.

iVIC allows you to access any app from your Android phone, to listen to your music collection, to use Google Maps while you are on road and to browse the Web, too. It also extends the functionality of your smartphone to the navigation screen, since it allows you to send texts from the Nav screen, but also to receive calls, with full access to your contact list.

What’s more, iVIC has great sound and HD video, making it your perfect companion on every road trip.

Here are the main features:

-HDMI input (Android OR Universal)
-Digital Video output to Navigation Screen (EDTV/HDTV 480p)
-Component Analog Audio/Video input (optional)
-Composite Analog Audio/Video input (optional)
-Camera Port [Analog Video input + Power] (optional)
-Customizable Menu
-USB input
-MP3, WAV, FLAC files playback from mass storage devices
-High-End Audio with Extremely Low level of Total Harmonic Distortion
-High-speed USB 2.0 Host interface
-Digital Audio processing
-Digital Video processing

If you are interested in buying it, you can check the website of VAIS Technology.


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