Block spam messages and calls with the Mr. Number app

spam messages

spam messages Receiving spam messages is one of the least things that you like about technology and about 4.5 billion spam messages were sent to mobile phones last year. So how do you combat these unscrupulous messages that are sent to you?

A Palo Alto startup company has developed a way to thwart these unwanted messages from your Android devices.

The Mr. Number app enables users to block unwanted messages and calls. It was launched two years ago and now has about 5 million Android users.

According to Mr. Number CEO Jason Devitt as told to Mashable, “We discovered users were actively seeking a solution to a problem.”

The app blocks numbers or companies that are famous for sending spam messages. They do it in their database so as to block messages from being sent to Mr. Number installed Android devices. Users can also opt to block other numbers.

Devitt added, “Mr. Number makes it easier, more fun, straightforward and even cheaper to communicate with the people you are about.”

“Over time, we realized there was a whole set of functionality and features people were looking for. People wanted to improve basic calling and texting,” he added.

Unfortunately, the Mr. Number app is not available for iOS users because of iOS limitations.

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