Avoid texting while driving with OneProtect

texting while driving


texting while driving Laws, ordinances and prohibitions can’t deter motorists from using their mobile phones to send text messages while they are behind the wheel of their vehicles.

This dangerous “hobby” of texting has caused numerous accidents which have caused the untimely death of some individuals.

A year ago, about 1/4th of automobile accidents involved drivers who used their mobile phones while driving. About 6,000 deaths were recorded due to these accidents.

A new software might be the key since laws, can’t keep texting away from the highways.

OneProtect is a software that you install on your smartphone. Once installed, OneProtect blocks drivers from using their mobile phone while in a state of motion. Once the GPS of your phone senses that you and your car is moving above a set max speed, then the system locks up your mobile phone.

OneProtect has a patent pending technology called the Attention Verification Test or AVT. This differentiates you and your passengers.

Once you are inside a vehicle that is on mobile, the AVT asks you to tap on the letters that appear on the screen at a short time. This AVT is impossible for drivers but possible for passengers to pass.

If OneProtect can remove or at least curb the number of deaths due to texting, then this is one software that should come preinstalled in all smartphones.

No more texting while driving!

Image Source: kcentv.com