YouTube: 4 Billion hours of videos are watched each month


With all the videos that YouTube has, from comedy to educational, the video sharing site has made a huge impact on how society sees the Web. So how many hours of YouTube videos do individuals watch every month?

Well, the gigantic figure is surely stunning as the Wall Street Journal reports from a YouTube spokesperson that humans watch about four billion hours of video each month.

Last month, Youtube shared last May that individuals watch about 3 billion hours of video footage per month.

YouTube also says that the video sharing site’s members upload 72 hours of video content to the site each minute. Last 2008, the site said that only 10 hours of video are uploaded every minute.

Early in 2012, YouTube placed money, about $150 million, to fund channels that feature famous artists. Just last May, YouTube vowed that they are going to add $200 million to their investment.

YouTube is the world’s largest video sharing site and is the most popular amongst them. Purchased by Google Inc., the two giants contribute to the ever changing landscape of the Web.

How many minutes or hours do you spend frolicking in YouTube and going from one video to another?

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