Windows 8 devices to be unveiled prior to OS release?

Windows 8 smartphones

Windows 8 smartphones are possibly expected before the OS According to ZDNet, the devices that will run on Microsoft’s much anticipated Windows 8 OS are going to be introduced to the public even before the OS is set to be available in public.

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ZDNet says that a set of sponsored events will usher these devices prior to the October 26 launch of the Windows 8 OS.

Microsoft has already confirmed October 26 as the date of launch for their latest entry to the operating system foray.

The report also added that three days after the official launch of the new OS, Microsoft’s own Windows Phone 8 will be launched in the US.

According to the article, devices that will carry the OS will be made available in stores a few weeks after its launch.

But devices that are running on Windows 8 OS have already been previewed to the public during the IFA conference currently being staged in Berlin.

Among these are Samsung’s Ativ S smartphone and the Ativ Tab. The former is a Windows 8 smartphone while the latter runs on Windows RT.

At any rate, Microsoft has made a bold move in upping up the hype behind their OS. The question is, can the Windows 8 OS deliver?

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