Google may have wanted YouTube to be dropped


Apple is on a warpath, and it would seem that their latest move might hurt their users more. Or will it? After removing Google from the picture by introducing their Apple Maps, it would seem that the next logical step was to remove YouTube. Apple attempted to explain the situation, saying that their license has expired and they may no longer use the YouTube app by default.

YouTube has been on the default apps lists for a long time now. We presumed it would always be there, regardless of the disputes between the Apple iOS and the Google Android. YouTube is simply too big, too well used that removing it was really controversial.

Many users who got word of the news were furious that in Apple’s attempts to remove all things Google from their operating system, Apple would be willing to degrade the customer’s experience. One analyst approximates that the YouTube application was used at least 15% to 20% more than the other default apps.

It is reported that YouTube users watch a total of 4billion hours of video every month. If that doesn’t scream “I need it”, I don’t know what will. The worst part is that unlike the Apple Maps, the fruit company does not have a valid alternative to the service. I’m guessing they can’t pull off an iTube at this stage. Instead, Apple points users to use the mobile site of YouTube in Safari or wait for Google to make a new app.

All hope is not lost. As with Google Maps, the search company plans to create their own YouTube app in the app store. In fact, it may just be what Google wants.

I know, some of you will have their eyebrows raised at the idea that Google wants this to happen. Unknown to many, the YouTube app that was present in the iOS for a long time now was not made by Google. It was in fact made by Apple developers who used YouTube’s developer toolkit. That is why the interface is substantially different from the ones on Android.

One other thing that was different about the iOS version was the absence of ads. If you have not noticed, there are no ads on the default YouTube application. That is the reason why plenty of videos that insist on ads cannot be viewed within the app. Users would have to browse the video using Safari or another app that draws upon YouTube.

So if Google can finally make an app on their own, they can finally add advertisements, and can unify the experience across devices. They may also place proper branding upon the app logo, which at the moment only looks like an old TV. They can have full control over the experience, and it may even be better than what it used to be for iOS users.

So what if it has been removed from the default apps? If the app can be downloaded from the App store, the users who seek to watch YouTube will eventually download it. It may even be a great measure of exactly how many iOS users actually wanted to have the YouTube app.

So in the end, Google did not lose in this exchange. As long as Apple does not have an app to replace YouTube with, it will still remain as popularly used as ever. Will you be one of the millions who will download this app?

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