Sony ups the ante with the Sony Reader PRS-T2


Sony upgraded its Sony Reader line last Thursday prompting to instigate a major drive to oust other e-ink readers off of their seats. Sony released the PRS-T2 which enables you to work faster due to its faster processor and the addition of new social media features.

The Sony PRS-T2 has a built in storage of 2GB and has a 6-inch glare free touch screen that comes in different colors.

The Facebook integration allows you to share quotes from the book that you are reading to your Facebook profile.

The Sony PRS-T2 is touted against the likes of Amazon Kindle and Barnes & Noble Nook. Sony has a library of about 15,000 titles for you to purchase or borrow.

Sony also has its own Reader Store that is filled with reading materials.

Though Sony has released their own e-reader, the company has an app for Android smartphones and tablets.

The Sony PRS-T2 is now on sale on various Sony shops. You can also purchase it online for $129.

For those of you who will purchase a black version of the PRS-T2, Sony will be giving you a free copy of the very first Harry Potter book released. This voucher can only be used to purchase that Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.

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