Smule brings to us the Sing! karaoke app


If you and your friends love to go sing at Karaoke bars then Smule has something for you!

Smule developed an app which they launched last Wednesday and enables you to sing with a friend with the use of your smartphone.

Called Sing!, this app crosses the long distance that becomes a hindrance to your singing plans as this knows no boundaries.

According to Khust CEO Prerna Gupta as told to Mashable, “We believe all humans are musical. We’ve been able to use technology – the thing that took it away – to bring it back. Music is a new form of social communication in modern world that no one has done.

Sing! doesn’t only allow you to karaoke with your friends, as this app can also connect you to strangers. A globe on the screen will let you know where other singers from other parts of the world are located.

Sing! has a wide selection of songs from different genres that you can choose from.

Smule is planning to add more ways to bring more content to the Sing! app.

Smule which is responsible for Sing! will also launch their own network of virtual musicians.

Download Sing! on your smartphone and begin rocking the smartphone world.