RunKeeper partners with GymPact to burn those excess fats

apps to help you lose weight

apps to help you lose weight People always promise to go out and work out. May it be to run a certain length in a day or crash the gym, the list goes on and on.

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But then people always seem to fail to live up to their promise. Time and again, we find excuse to skip that much dreaded run or iron pumping – which is especially annoying when you’re taking all the supplements like fenugreek extract and they’re just going to waste, until eventually, We fall back to our old lives.

One app that helps us train ourselves to lose that excess baggage is GymPact. If you sync your GymPact to your checking account, missing the gym could cost you a pre-determined amount. So every time you miss your gym date you pay for your laziness.

GymPact works by making a pact to yourself and the site. First you have to say how many days you’ll go to the gym in a week. Then, every time you go to the gym, you have to check in it and stay for about 30 minutes for it to consider that you went to it.

You earn by getting money from those individuals who failed to hit to the gym. The money is subdivided to those individuals who have successfully stuck to their pact.

Now, GymPact is partnering with RunKeeper.

RunKeeper helps to motivate you by including your friends in the circle. It allows you to post your run times on your social media accounts.

The combination of the two will make wonders. Hopefully people will get addicted to this two apps. It’s for their own good!

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