Philippines turns to Twitter and Facebook for rescue


Technology truly has come a long way since the advent of the Internet. Now, social networks, as well as other means of pin pointing a person’s location, have proliferated the Web. At times, they are used indiscriminately, while other times they are used to save lives.

Take for example the stories behind those who escaped the great flooding in the Philippine capital of Manila and its neighboring cities the other day. The flooding which have caused about 25000 individuals to flee their homes and a number of deaths have seen what these social networking sites can do to help those in need.

The Philippines is considered as one of the most social media-savvy countries in the world. They went to Twitter and Facebook to inform authorities and as well as rescuers about those individuals who are in dire need of a rescue and warn individuals of the impending destruction that the flood brings.

Photos posted on Facebook and Twitter help warn individuals what thoroughfares not to pass and also help disseminate information regarding persons trapped inside buildings. Even hospitals that cater to those sick and in need are the once who needs rescue in this instance.

A lot of victims and lives were rescued this way thanks to the social media boom.

Even Google contributed as individuals created a relief center map on Google Maps and a rescue request form.

Now that’s one social media story that we all should be proud off!

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