iPhone 4S price reduced. A prelude to the iPhone 5 release?


Is this another sign that a new model of iPhone is set to be unveiled anytime soon?

According to reports, American Telecom giant Sprint is slashing the price of its iPhone 4S down to $149 from the initial price of $199.

This looks like a prelude to the eventual release of the iPhone 5, which people believe could recapture the lost audience that Apple once had before Samsung released its flagship Galaxy S III.

According to AllThingsD, Sprint is the first carrier to slash the price of their iPhone 4S. AT&T and Verizon still lists their iPhone 4S at $199.

They added that Sprint has Apple’s permission to cut the price of their iPhone 4S.

CNET added that a spokesperson from Sprint told them that this price slash is a back to school promo and not because of an impending iPhone 5 release.

Apple is set to conduct a major event this September, but the company is mum as to what the event is all about. Speculations are plenty that this could be an announcement of the iPhone 5.

Whatever it is, Apple surely knows how to tweak people’s imaginations and if it truly is going to be a release of the iPhone 5, then this could score big for the Cupertino based company.

Image Source: newswhip.com