Half of teens addicted to their smartphones


We all love our smartphones and we use them even more day by day, but have we ever wondered how long can we live without them?

According to a survey conducted by TextPlus, half of the 600 teens between 13 and 17 that were asked are addicted to their smartphones. They replied that they cannot live withou their smartphones for more than a week, while 36% of them cannot even leave their phones for 10 minutes, without checking or any mails. We are not surprised that texting is the most popular use of the smartphone among them, despite the abundance of applications that you can find nowadays at your phone. This addiction to texting leads them in checking their smartphone all day long, with 52% of them using their smartphones everywhere, even in class. If class sounds an inappropriate place to use your smartphone, how about the 37% of them that uses their phones in the toilet, or the 20% of them that uses their phones in the church?

We cannot deny that we live in a digitalized world, with communication being increasingly dependent on our mobile devices. We all acknowledge the importance of having a smartphone to enhance communication with others. However, it’s very thin line between routine and addiction. There’s no problem in using your smartphone every day, but you’d better start worrying if you cannot even sleep without it by your side.

How long can you live without your smartphone then?


  1. Can you imagine having to use a phone with a cord wired into the wall and playing music on discs that got scratched and broken? It would be terrible.

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