Google Translate can now translate text into images


Android owners who love to travel around the globe would surely jump in exaltation, as the Google Translate app is now able to translate texts from your images.

According to Android Central, this feature of Google Translate works with all the languages that are available in Translate.

So how does this work and what are its applications?

Well, if you are going to a foreign country where English is not widely used, you just have to take a snapshot of a road sign, a menu or just about anything that needs translating. Users then highlight the text that needs to be translated. Google would then send the image off to its servers and gives the user the translated text or phrase.

This new feature is similar to Word Lens, an iOS app that translates texts captured by the iPhone camera. Word Lens unfortunately only supports four languages, English, Italian, French and Spanish. Each language pack would cost you $4.99.

The Google Translate is available for download at the Google Play store for Android phones that run on Android 2.3 Gingerbread or later.

Will this be a big boost to the Google? Google Translate may not translate the word or phrase perfectly. What it does, is give you a glimpse of what it would mean. Trying it out, it was not 100% correct. But it does give a similar meaning to the correct one.

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