Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 to grace the seas this month


Finally, we have definite word from Samsung that the new Galaxy Note will hit waves soon! No, it’s not the Galaxy Note 2, but rather, the Galaxy Note 10.1, which we last heard about in the Barcelona Mobile World Congress.

It has been confirmed that August is the magic month when the full blown tablet will finally get shipped internationally. Yes, that is this month!

Samsung released a 5-inch Galaxy Note which got acclaim all over. It was a device that mingled between the realms of the smartphone and the realms of the Tablet. Now that Samsung has data that people really buy into touch screen phones that uses the stylus, or Samsung’s S-pen, they are ready to break the barrier and hit the largest screen size they can muster for the Note series. Hence, the Galaxy Note 10.1.

Looking at the new Galaxy Note 10.1, you can see that it resembles the design of the current Galaxy Tab 2 10.1. This is a good thing, as the new design is Apple patent proof, which will lead to fewer headaches for Samsung. The device sports a 5-megapixel back shooter with a 1.9-megapixel front camera. Sound’s familiar? Yes, that is the same front camera for the Samsung Galaxy S3.

There are other things that the Galaxy Note 10.1 and the popular Samsung Galaxy S3 have in common, such as both sporting a quad core processor, as well as the smart stay function that uses the front camera to track your face and see if you are looking at the device. It keeps the screen on, as long as it detects a pair of open eyes.

One more function that The Samsung Galaxy S3 has in common with the Galaxy Note 10.1, is the focus on multitasking. Although with the Galaxy Note 10.1, they went a few dozen steps beyond. Never before seen on an OS designed for mobile phones or any other Android device is the ability to run apps side by side. Yes, the new Note allows apps like the S-note as well as the browser to run side by side and work on the same screen. Samsung intends to make full use of the quad core capabilities of their device with features like these. While it does not support all apps yet, it is a step in a great direction. Take note that the video pop-up display seen on the Samsung Galaxy S3 is also present on this tablet.

Improving over the international version of the Samsung Galaxy S3, the Galaxy Note 10.1 is supposed to have 2GB of ram, which is very much welcome to maintain smooth operation.

Now many would say that is already present as a feature in the Windows 8 operating system. Note that I mentioned “OS designed for mobile phones”. The Windows 8 was originally a PC operating system and it had multitasking long before Windows 8, so it is no surprise they should have it. I would argue that it even is a step back for Microsoft, while a step forward for Samsung.

Let’s not forget the feature that defines the Galaxy Note series: the S-pen stylus. Samsung reports that they are able to support 256 levels of pressure with their new device. There is also a sensor on the holster of the device that can be mapped to run an app of your choice once the stylus is removed. This is placed on the S-note by default.

The only point of concern is that this device is expected to hit above the $700 price point without tax. Still, it is a great device again from Samsung, despite ongoing legal spats across the globe. Are you excited to get the next generation in Note taking hardware?

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