Epson to delve into healthcare device business with Epson E200


People abhor going to hospitals to have themselves checked out by a medical professional. To some, hospitals are synonymous to overpriced services and unwanted expenses.

Technological breakthroughs have made life easier for us to monitor individually our vital signs. There have been a number of devices out there, from watches to even smartphones that can read our vital signs while some can even forward it to your doctor.

Now Epson is entering this market with their Epson E200 wrist watch pulse monitor. This simple to use wristwatch/pulse monitor comes from advanced sensing technology by Epson. This smartwatch is said to be the first entry of Epson to the healthcare device business.

The Epson E200 works by measuring the wearer’s pulse rate. It has an LCD display that shows the amount of exercise you need in order to achieve fat-burning heart rate.

This device might well be designed for those individuals who would want to lose weight for health reasons, as this could motivate individuals to go the extra mile to lose those unwanted fats.

Unfortunately, the Epson E200 is currently available in Japan as of the moment. Hopefully Epson decides to bring this to North America.

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