An iPhone 5? No! It’s the Goophone I5

iPhone 5 knock off

iPhone 5 knock off Want to own an iPhone 5 before anybody else gets a hold of this new sleek Apple contraption?

Well, if you want you can get an iPhone 5 look alike.

A Chinese smartphone maker has released its latest gadget that is reported to be an iPhone doppelganger.

Called the Goophone I5, it may look like the soon to be released Apple smartphone, but it clearly has no iOS supporting it. Features-wise, it may be branded as what leaked iPhone 5 features have. But these leak information certainly has a lot of holes in it and that not all features have been plastered on the Web.

Reports have said that Goophone could be a hybrid of an iOS device and as well as an Android device. Though details have remained unclear, it is certain that this smartphone will not live up to its rival’s features and durability.

The Goophone I5 has a 3.5 inch display. Reports have it that Apple’s iPhone 5 will have a much larger screen, larger than its predecessor the iPhone 4.

I bet Apple is not interested in filing a case against Goophone makers as the company isn’t really afraid of the damages it might incur them.

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