Titanium Oxide may protect your device screen from smudges


Ever wanted to have an ingredient that can protect your smartphone or tablet’s screen and give you ease of mind, since any everyday object can ruin or smudge your once pristine screen?

A major breakthrough may just be around the corner, as researchers are trying to figure out if Titanium Oxide can do the trick.

Titanium oxide can kill bacteria and fungi and can normally be found in cosmetics and paint.

According to Michael Vergahl of the Fraunhofer Institue for Interfacial Engineering and Biotechnology IGM in Germany, “If you apply a thin coating of Titanium Oxide to a glass surface such as a smartphone screen, the skin oils and fingerprints gradually disappear from the display by themselves.”

In a report by Mashable, they highlighted the Titanium Oxide, once exposed to sunlight, can alter the DNA of fungi and bacteria.
They added that the researchers coming from the Institute experimented on the substance. They coated the arm rests of plastic lawn chairs with

Titanium Oxide and left a number untreated.

They then sprayed Algae, Bacteria, Fungi and Moss on all chairs and found out that those coated with Titanium Oxide were unscathed while those that weren’t were found to have a layer of grime on them.

Image Source: listsoplenty.com