Tips to save your battery on iPhone


Isn’t it agitating when your battery dies on your smartphone? Especially when you need to send a very vital message to an individual but can’t, due to that fact that your battery has drained on you.

Well, for iPhone owners out there, TechNewsGadget has some tips for you to help you avoid this dreaded predicament.

  1. Instead of using your own network, use a WiFi signal instead – when you’re at home or at work or anywhere where there is a decent WiFi signal that you can use, opt to use that instead of your network’s 3G connection. This will help you save battery life because your phone won’t be searching for signal and save you money by avoiding data charges.
  2. Watch those app notifications – only turn on notifications for those apps that you use often. This means saying no to other apps and games. You can go to the notification section of the Settings app for this.
  3. Adjust the brightness of your screen – lower the screen brightness as this will help you conserve more battery for your iPhone.
  4. Block GPS tracking in apps – Facebook, Twitter and other apps have this feature that update your location. This makes your iPhone work doubly hard to locate where you are. Don’t geotag your posts and updates. Turn your GPS to off.

These are some of the ways that you can conserve your iPhone battery. Do you have any more suggestions?

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